Project Windsor

colour, illustration, painting, process

Spent the last two weekends drawing at Windsor Castle along with classmates from the Prince’s Drawing School. Its been so much fun, I haven’t been there since I was a kid, and being able to go back and look at it with the focus you get when drawing has made me appreciate the castle and its history so much more, plus the staff were so friendly and helpful. I was really tempted to draw all the wonderful objects on display – the ornate detail on everything was incredible, but decided to focus on the spaces instead. This project is still in progress, wrapping it up by the end of this week, but here are several drawings that I made on site, some digital sketches and a gouache painting of a soldier and horse (I took the liberties of removing the plinth they were on).

Summer fun in NY

colour, illustration, process, travel, typography

An illustration of summer experiences in NY – sweaty, sticky heat, short shorts and ogling men, iced drinks, outdoor movies and rooftop bbqs – what more could you want? Below is one of the initial sketches, and my first attempt at a final image, though I didn’t like the overloaded detail and went back to a simpler, cleaner process, as above.

Fat Tax

colour, illustration, process

Spent the weekend working on this one, for Eat Me magazine. The article talks about councils proposing a new ‘fat tax’ on takeaways to deter unhealthy eating (although its more likely to disguise a new revenue of cash as the government faces more budget cuts).