Life drawing 5

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Life drawing

b/w, life drawing

I love life drawing, it can be really therapeutic and intense, trying to capture this life form in front of you. These are some I worked on last month, I don’t think any of them were more than 20 minutes long. Working at speed, forcing me to not deliberate on creating a pretty picture always helps.

Life drawing with my wacom

b/w, life drawing

I am a massive fan of life drawing and go regularly to classes around London. It was interesting to move away from my usual mediums of charcoal and ink and work with the wacom tablet this time. A very different process – trying to stay clear of the dreaded flatness you can get when drawing on Photoshop. The last two drawings were done whilst the model was clothed and resting for a couple minutes. On the upside it was a lot less messy and I get to upload the results here. Scanning in A1 sheets of charcoal drawings are a little more tricky…