Italy DRAWN: Last days in Perugia

b/w, colour, sketchbook, travel

I spent my last days of this five week trip in Perugia, paying one final gallery visit to the National Gallery of Umbria.

I couchsurfed a lot of the way through Italy, its such an awesome way to meet people and experience the country in a different way, they helped answer a lot of questions I could only glean from the surface as a tourist. In Perugia I was hosted by the lovely Fabrizio, who got a snazzy haircut and taught me how to say almost! in Italian whilst we played basketball – quasi! Probably the only Italian word I’ll remember since it was repeated so often.

Waiting for Fabrizio one day, freeeezzzing cold and super hungry (badly dealt with by a big bar of chocolate) I caught the leading cast of Lezioni di Cioccolato filming a scene for the sequel, not too dissimilar from a repeated scene in this trailer, with a whole lot of chasing and shoving going on.

A bit of live music with The Dad Horse Experience – German playing a banjo and occasionally the keyboard with his toes. Not usually my kinda thing, but fun nonetheless, and nooo love songs! Just songs about dead dogs he saw on the highway…good stuff.

Went to check out Rocca Paolina – a 16th century fortress, stumbled upon a cheese fair, as you do in Italy. Really friendly stall owners gave me a free and tasty lunch. Nom!

I ate too much on this trip. And now I’m several pounds heavier for it..dammit.

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