Italy DRAWN: Easter in Rome

b/w, colour, sketchbook, travel

Paid a brief visit to the Vatican City, sending off another postcard. The Pope was in the house, it felt like some sort of concert, ‘And thank you to the students of Ohio…’ ‘WOOOOOOO!!’

Some rather dramatic sculptures walking along Via della Conciliazione.

A mish-mash of Rome’s most famous sites, a lot of queuing and yet more tour groups. Not having brushed up on my Italian history, and not being the biggest fan of sightseeing, a lot of the things I was seeing went straight over me.

Museum of Criminology, probably my favourite museum whilst I was in Italy. Really interesting displays, some crazy torture equipment, and a good place to get away from the tour groups – I don’t think this was on their itinerary list.

Most of the places I visited were small enough to get around by foot, but there were days in Rome when my little feet couldn’t take it in anymore.

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