Italy DRAWN: Starting in Florence

b/w, colour, portrait, sketchbook, travel

After three major scanning sessions, here is the first part of my five week excursion in Italy. Starting in Florence, I took a two week drawing class with Glenn Vilppu, with some awesome classmates to keep me company.

We did a spot of people watching..

I couldn’t get over how picturesque everything was, really, EVERYTHING! Landscapes, streets, ceilings, you name it.

I even started drawing the door knobs,

and there was no way I could miss the statues.

There was a marathon taking place the first weekend. Funny, I’ve never been interested in checking out the London Marathon (and even less so about participating) but when in Rome…well not quite in Rome, yet. When abroad then. Plus everything was within such a lovely walking distance from each other it would have been hard for me to miss it.

I loved the Duomo, rising over all the narrow winding streets which also acted as the perfect frame for this looming piece of architecture.

My brother came to visit during the second weekend, but being a bit of a dope, accidentally booked his return flight for early Sunday morning, so he only stayed for a day, getting a brief glance of the city.

Luckily, Cultural Week had just started which meant free entry to a lot of places, so we popped into the Boboli Gardens. I spent my last day in Florence wandering around the Galleria Accademia and the Uffizi. Considering how the Uffizi is such a popular place for tourists to visit, the gallery was really badly laid out. As it was also teeming with tour groups, I was more than happy to get out of there, but not before checking out some more statues..

and sending off a quick postcard.

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