Protest against cuts

b/w, sketchbook


I’m off to Florence in three hours! I wanted to put these sketches up whilst its still current. They were drawn on location, I got there after most of the protestors had moved on, but they’d left their mark on Topshop on Oxford Street. I would love to add some colour to these drawings when I’m back, which will be at the end of April, so this blog may be a quiet for the next month..

CMYK Portrait Painting

colour, painting, portrait

Fudged the nose…dodgy ears…iffy upper lip…one of the results from last nights portrait class! Playing around with the primary colours in gouache labelled CMYK, its a new medium for me and I think I was actually going for a portrait that would be garishly bright to the eyes just to see where I could go with these colours…at least that’s my excuse.

Life drawing

b/w, life drawing

I love life drawing, it can be really therapeutic and intense, trying to capture this life form in front of you. These are some I worked on last month, I don’t think any of them were more than 20 minutes long. Working at speed, forcing me to not deliberate on creating a pretty picture always helps.

Fat Tax

colour, illustration, process

Spent the weekend working on this one, for Eat Me magazine. The article talks about councils proposing a new ‘fat tax’ on takeaways to deter unhealthy eating (although its more likely to disguise a new revenue of cash as the government faces more budget cuts).

Noodles as crisps

colour, doodles and dallies, sketchbook

Someone got a little hungry on the tube today…and that someone was sincerely not me! But rather a little lady who was sat opposite, breaking down her packet of instant noodles before chomping away on the final pieces.