Life drawing with my wacom

b/w, life drawing

I am a massive fan of life drawing and go regularly to classes around London. It was interesting to move away from my usual mediums of charcoal and ink and work with the wacom tablet this time. A very different process – trying to stay clear of the dreaded flatness you can get when drawing on Photoshop. The last two drawings were done whilst the model was clothed and resting for a couple minutes. On the upside it was a lot less messy and I get to upload the results here. Scanning in A1 sheets of charcoal drawings are a little more tricky…

[Self] Portraits of some form..

b/w, portrait, sketchbook

…and hopefully one day they’ll look like me! I haven’t done self portraits since I was in high school, and thought I’d get back into the practice. Though I do quite like the sneer I’ve got going on in the first image.

Stompin’ at the 100 Club

colour, sketchbook

The Strange Pretty Things performing at the 100 Club a few weeks ago. It was meant to be the last night of Stompin’ (an awesome swing dancing social night) as the 100 Club was being threatened to close down due to increased rent…but it seems they are still open for now.

It was a real struggle trying to get all those fast moving swing dancers down on paper, it mostly ended up being scribbles but at least I managed to get a quick gesture of some jazz hands!